Purchase Information

Most images are available for purchase and are printed in editions of 5 or 10 in most standard sizes on a variety of media, including heavyweight, fine art paper, silk, canvas and various metal substrates. Individual galleries are also available as limited edition hand bound folios printed on heavyweight rag paper or as a trade bound books.

Due to shipping costs (and because I hate to do it), framing is not available. Mats are available for an additional charge. Special arrangements can be negotiated for non-profit organizations.

Rights and Permissions

Unless otherwise indicated ALL text and images on this site are original and the copyright is held by Patricia Ternahan. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED for both text and images. This means that if you wish to use ANY material from this site you must have permission in writing, a credit must be given and a fee may apply - or maybe not. (Links, of course, are excepted).

Please contact me at ternahan [at] gentlelens.com, and we can work out the details.

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