About the Images

Think of these images as poems
or think of them as dreams
or dreams of poems
or poems of dreams
ephemeral, transparent
of this world or another....
visual haiku.

About A Gentle Lens

Patricia Ternahan received her first camera, a Brownie Hawkeye, at the age of seven. Her fascination/addiction with photography really began to take over in the early 1990's when she began making candid black and white portraits of her patients at various community clinics. Then followed trips to China, Europe, India, Thailand and more recently Ecuador and Brazil. Color gradually overtook black and white, and a growing obsession with birds now dominates her work and her life. Since the Brownie, she has used a Ricoh 35 mm., a Leica R-6 and currently uses a Canon 5D DSLR.

Patricia has exhibited images in many galleries in California, including the Viewpoint Gallery and the 750 Gallery in Sacramento, the Davis Community Gallery, ProArts Gallery in Oakland and Kala Art Institute in Berkeley.

Her work has been featured in Monolid Magazine and various non-profit publications for Childrens' Defense Fund, Children Now, and Communicare Health Clinics. A tile mural funded by the City of Davis is on permanent display at the Davis Community Clinic Gallery. In addition to this website, Patricia maintains a photoblog at www.gentlelens.org.


Peter Schrag who makes it all possible and worthwhile.

Barbara Milman who finally convinced me to get a computer and led me to the world of artmaking.

Sarah Mayhew who pulled me into the world of birds and tolerates (usually) my complete lack of navigational skills.

Carolyn Frayn for making this site.

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To contact Patricia Ternahan, please email her at ternahan [at] gentlelens.com.